[FLOLAND] Premium Silk Keratin Treatment 120ml


The Floland Premium Silk Keratin Shampoo can be used for heavily damaged hair
with frequent dyeing and perm in various chermical treatments, as well as healthy hair.
It is a weak acidic shampoo containing active
ingredients of patented ingedient(HP-DCC COMPLEX), microproteins,
and 17 amino acids to keep your hair smooth and soft without tangling.


How to use
Daily use: After Shampoo, apply and massage
intensively to the damaged hair, then rinse off.

Special treatment use: After shampoo, apply appropriate amount
and put on shower cap for heat treatment (10-15 min), then rinse off.

Pre and post treatment use: Apply to the damaged hair and leave on for
10 minutes before chemical treatment. After treatment, reapply and leave
on for 10 minutes, then rinse off.