[FLOLAND] Premium Keratin Change Ampoule [Hair Care] 13ml * 10ea


The premium ampoule that turns into creamy type when mixed withwater in the ratio of 1:1. It manages damaged hair to lustrous and elastic hair.Active ingredients from patented ingredient(HP-DCC COMPLEX), microproteins,17 amino acids and ceramide protect the moisture of hair and keep it moist and soft.

13ml * 10ea

How to use
Using with other chemical treatment product(Perming, dyeing, coating):
Mix the small amount ampoule (about 5 ml) with the hair treatment product.

When using it as a single hair clinic:
If you mix the ampoule and water in 1:1, it becomes a cream type. After shampooing,
dry the hair with a towel, apply and appropriate amount and rinse it off.

Pre and post hair treatment: (For using as pre-hair treatment)
Apply the ampoule to the hair evenly, massage and rinse after that use the hair treatment.
(For using as post-treatment) After the hair treatment, apply the ampoule massage and rinse.